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Simplicity sells

Written by Iain McLaren (Carphone Warehouse) on 11th July 2012

One thing I have noticed about a lot of the Lumia sales I have been making recently is that a lot of the buyers just want something simple and easy to use but that will let them check their emails, go online and give them satellite navigation included. As we know pretty much any smartphone will do all these (sometimes at a cost for the sat-nav) but because they may just be starting in the smartphone market due to not having any money previously or not being that bothered but now wanting to upgrade, a lot of people get confused by Android. (Most people like this think iPhones are too expensive and Blackberrys are too awkward). So the obvious choice is Windows Phone due to it’s ease of use; simple live tiles updating with e-mails, Internet Explorer being similar to what they have on their computer and Nokia Drive giving them a great free sat-nav option. Then as they grow more comfortable with the phone they can expand into downloading apps and social networking. Samsung tried to do something similar with Bada but it never really took off as people didn’t know about it but with Microsoft and Nokia combining for the Lumia range, it gives these consumers a brand they can trust (Nokia) and the software giant they all know.

Simplicity sells

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