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Nokia Drive - Ireland

Written by terry knott (O2) on 10th July 2012

Tags: Apps

I just got back from Ireland and i was using the Nokia Drive application without a Sim card.

I downloaded the maps before i went through wifi - took 2 minutes at most!!! Although i didnt have traffic updates and speed camera warnings, it was still a pleasure to use on the roads getting too and from my families homes and where we needed to get to.

A-GPS when the sim card is inserted into the handset is just as good. With minimal data to be used and giving me the option of 2D and 3D it really is the best Sat Nav on the market for the mobile industry. With iOS6 on the verge and there google maps having voice guided sat nav, its no match for this service that is given to me completely free, pre loaded on the windows phone….Enough Said!!

Nokia Drive - Ireland

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