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Nokia 610

Written by aswad patel (Carphone Warehouse) on 26th June 2012

The new Nokia 610 is one of most stylish handsets in competition with mid-range androids. I mean there are very few handsets which come close to this one in price. One of the best looking handsets for people stepping into to the smart phone world, a lot of my customers ask for Nokia as their previous handset has been a Nokia, the name Nokia on smart phone suggests to them that this handset is gonna be easy to use and familiar to them. A lot of my mature cost and teens in mid 10-15 fall in love with this beauty.

The contract starts from as little as £10.50 per month, less than or equal to what most people top-up per month. This handset is packed full of app and features with windows mobile plus the new update will defiantly make this an obvious choice for customers.

Demoing the handset is very simple too just hand-it to the customer and they are instantly familiar with the system, similar to their laptop or pc, that the beauty of it, simple, smart and elegance in one package. once they got this handset setting it up is as easy too.

Nokia 610

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