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Lumia, Shining light for Nokia

Written by Vittorio Cornacchia (Carphone Warehouse) on 3rd December 2011

Nokia has always been the best for hardware, they just sometimes didn’t have the software to match…

Enter the Lumia, sharp design, never seen a phone in which the display looks as if it’s floating, polycarbonate shell that’s been ink injected? Genius! gives the user a few benefits: 1 Very strong - same stuff as ice hockey helmets! 2 lighter than metal and doesn’t scratch as easily, and if it does, it’s the same colour as the shell so nigh unnoticable! 3 Better signal, less dense than other materials so better signal than most other phones

Everything is just made simple and elegant with Windows 7.5, people for example, linked to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, all together in one place and accessible with a simple gesture. Not to mention the speed with which the phone operates! I’ve played with it, moving it up and down as fast as I can, trying to catch it out but I just can’t.

Love the way this links in with my gmail calender, just shows me immediately what my next appointment is, even from lock screen. The other thing that’s a great improvement is the speed at which it browses the Internet, fast! And does it in a elegant way in which you think it’s not even breaking a sweat

The Nokia differentiators, the Nokia Drive, music, maps and Carl Zeiss tech works a treat. Having the ability to cache mix radio to listen to for a month as well as being able to skip tracks in radio, love demoing that to clients.

Nokia upped their game, well done.

Lumia, Shining light for Nokia


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