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A Change of Heart

Written by Emma Madgwick-Frankland (Orange) on 14th December 2011

You know, I used to hate Windows phones, as a Mac user I used to think, ”What’s the point…Apple are the best, aren’t they?” That was until I was seeded a Windows phone. Now I think they are the best thing ever! When the Lumia launched I was a little jealous of it, don’t get me wrong I love my HTC RADAR, but the Lumia is just fantastic.

The Maps on Windows is my key selling point. The Lumia put the cherry on the cake with the 3D landmarks, like the London Eye and Big Ben. Its just that personal touch that makes the phone extra special.

Today we had a visit from our new Nokia Rep, and (although the chocolates were my highlight) I found out so many other cool things we can do with the Lumia…so thank you Ross and we will see you again soon.

A Change of Heart

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