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Microsoft Blog-Off

Entertain colleagues by uploading interesting pictures, videos and words about phones, selling and whatnot. We have discretion over which blog posts will be published and awarded a whopping 10,000 points! Points will be awarded upon approval, so here’s a heads up on what we are looking for:

- Your blog post must be informative/entertaining without promotion, plugging, plagiarism or swearing.
- Please check the detail in your post is factually correct (e.g. the Lumia 1020 has a 5MP camera….WRONG!)
- Each post must be a minimum of 200 words.
- Please do not submit more than 2 BLOG POSTS EACH DAY.

If you stick to the rules and use images, video and captivating content you’ll find we’re a generous bunch. So get blogging!

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Nokia Lumia 1320 A New Lease Of Life

Written by Jason Johnston (selected) on 3rd August 2014

Nokia Lumia 1320 A New Lease Of Life I received the Windows Phone 8.1 update to my Nokia Lumia 1320 the other day and discovered a new feature which allowed me to download apps from the apps store to my micro SD card which I have in the phone. Before this feature was available, I struggled with th…

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Tags:Apps, Hardware, Usability

Wireless charging

Written by Tony Featherstone (O2) on 2nd August 2014

Sadly my Champions 1020 bit the dust recently and until I (hopefully one day) win a 930 I’m using another brand of phone. There are a lot of features I miss from my Windows phone such as the amazing camera but for me the one which has had the biggest impact on me has been the lack of wireless chargi…

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Tags: Hardware


Written by Tony Featherstone (O2) on 2nd August 2014

If any of you haven’t had the chance to try Cortana then I suggest you give it a whirl. I have used pretty much every alternative out there (Siri, Google Now, S Voice etc) and nothing comes close to it. Not only is Cortana a very useful personal assistant but she also has a personality unlike anythi…

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Tags: Hardware

930 runs like clock work orange

Written by tom godfrey (EE) on 1st August 2014

As soon as we had the 930 in I was excited. I’ve been looking forward to this phone since are Microsoft rep mike told me about it. And he wasn’t wrong I love the size of the phone it fills so nice in my hands. It feels very premium I love the sound quality of the phone and the picture is lovely I lo…

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Tags: Hardware

Windows Phone 8.1 Update On The Nokia Lumia 1320

Written by Jason Johnston (selected) on 1st August 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 Update On The Nokia Lumia 1320. Just received a update for the new software for Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan to my Nokia Lumia 1320 smartphone and noticed some big changes within a few minutes of using my phone. The first change I instantly noticed was when you swipe down on the screen…

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Tags:Apps, Social, Hardware, Usability

Nokia Lumia Smartphones From Microsoft Means Great Value For Money

Written by Jason Johnston (selected) on 31st July 2014

Nokia Lumia Smartphones From Microsoft Means Great Value For Money Nokia Lumia Smartphones from Microsoft, means you get the best value for money and the most up to date software. No other Manufacturer can say that about all their smartphones. With the new Nokia Lumia 630, a fantastic buy from £99.…

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Tags:Apps, Camera, Design, Office, Hardware, Usability, Sales pitches


Written by Jack Weightman (Vodafone) on 31st July 2014

So after being employed by Vodafone for over 6 months I had still to actually use a Windows Phone by Nokia, I was apprehensive at first, expecting it to be a nightmare… but after 5 minutes my apprehension was gone, the menu was clean and easy and the unlimited customisation of the homescreen was a r…

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Tags:Apps, Camera, Design, Hardware, Usability

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Written by Rich Gibbons (Bechtle) on 29th March 2015

Loving the site - great content... will have to get blogging soon!

Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 27th March 2015

Hi guys, we're now back up and running! We are still currently working on our winners page, so this is why you won't see any details on yet.

Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 27th March 2015

If you have any problems, you can contact us at and we will try to help the best we can.

Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 27th March 2015

Happy Friday! There will be some site maintenance on the Connection today, but we will be back up and running as quick as we can.

Written by Iain Jones Team Lumia (Microsoft) on 27th March 2015

its Friiiddddayyyy! BIG SHOUT to all you Connection Users :-)

Written by Jayesh Patel (Carphone Warehouse) on 24th March 2015

Xbox Music + One Drive. 50,000 songs...yes please :)

Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 23rd March 2015

Who's attending the Champions event in Manchester tonight? There's a couple of us popping over from the Connection...come and say hello!

Written by Daniel Rutter (Vodafone) on 23rd March 2015

Hmm.. What shall i do a blog post on?

Written by Chris Robson (O2) on 23rd March 2015

Gone Gold woop woop

Written by Billy O'Halloran (Vodafone) on 22nd March 2015

Congrats Martin,its a fantastic prize. The Surface Pro 3 is an awesome machine,gets better the more you use it!