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Microsoft Blog-Off

Entertain colleagues by uploading interesting pictures, videos and words about phones, selling and whatnot. We have discretion over which blog posts will be published and awarded a whopping 10,000 points! Points will be awarded upon approval, so here’s a heads up on what we are looking for:

- Your blog post must be informative/entertaining without promotion, plugging, plagiarism or swearing.
- Please check the detail in your post is factually correct (e.g. the Lumia 1020 has a 5MP camera….WRONG!)
- Each post must be a minimum of 200 words.
- Please do not submit more than 2 BLOG POSTS EACH DAY.

If you stick to the rules and use images, video and captivating content you’ll find we’re a generous bunch. So get blogging!

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Nokia Lumia 735

Written by Lydia Boakes (EE) on 17th February 2015

Business customers bust at the seams when it comes to the Lumia 735, a fantastic handset at a brilliant price! With such fantastic specs it completely annihilates the competing manufactures on price and spec! A few brilliant selling points include: - Being able to sync the Lumia 735 with iTunes sea…

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Tags:Apps, Camera, Design, Hardware, Customer reactions

Not just Apple have an eco system

Written by Donna Morris (EE) on 16th February 2015

When we think of an eco system, we all know that iPhone, iPad and iMac all link up with things like pictures and documents, but not many people know Windows does too, only we are even better, as we involve a games console! That’s right, link your Windows phone, tablet, pc and Xbox through OneDrive.…

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Tags:Hardware, Usability

Lumia 930 takes a fall

Written by Billy O'Halloran (Vodafone) on 11th February 2015

We all have dropped a phone from time to time, personally I have always been very careful with my handsets, one or two over the years admittedly have fell off the edge of the arm chair or couch but have only fallen a foot or two at most that way. My Lumia 930 has never taken a fall before until jus…

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Tags:Design, Hardware

Why Lumia shouldn't be ignored

Written by Melissa Chapman (Best Buy) on 9th February 2015

In our store, we have all really come to embrace Lumia and their Windows software. Not only do the phones come on some unbeatable price plans, but with integrated free music, map and personal assistant apps, how can anyone refuse?! The screen quality of a Nokia Lumia combined with Live Tiles makes…

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Tags:Apps, Social, Camera, Design, Office, Hardware, Usability, Customer reactions

Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap!!

Written by Daniel Marshall (O2) on 4th February 2015

The ‘Microsoft’ 535 has arrived, what a phone this will be. Slim, sleek and a perfect fit for an average size hand, the balance of weight within the handset also makes it a great feel all round. The competitors do not have a chance with their versions in the same price bracket, the 535 is better loo…

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Tags:Camera, Design, Hardware

Lumia 530. Power to the people!

Written by Matthew Petley (O2) on 4th February 2015

Lumia 530 An awesome little workhorse of a device rocking the newest software of Windows Phone 8.1 as standard, whilst being powered by an impressive Quad-core 1.2GHz processor the same as a Lumia 735 and backed up by 512mb RAM. Not a camera powerhouse like the Lumia 830 or 930, the Lumia 530 has…

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Tags:Design, Hardware, Usability, Sales pitches

Lumia 735

Written by Matthew Petley (O2) on 3rd February 2015

An awesome device rocking the newest software of Windows Phone 8.1 as standard. Cortana (Lumia’s own voice assistant) ready to go from the get go all being powered by its impressive Quad-core 1.2GHz processor and co-funded by a reasonable 1GB RAM The device houses 2 cameras unlike its 630 and 635 y…

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Tags:Design, Hardware

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Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 27th November 2015

Who's excited for the 1st December...we know we are! #12DaysofChristmas

Written by Andrew Petley-Jones (EE) on 27th November 2015

Can't wait for the 950 XL to be released on EE!

Written by Andrew Petley-Jones (EE) on 27th November 2015

A big shout out to Iain Jones for coming to Northallerton and showing us continuum on our TV :D

Written by Rick Fordyce (O2) on 26th November 2015

less than a week to go before Windows 10 Zone winners might get announced...gotta be in it to win it!!!

Written by Martyn Locke (Carphone Warehouse) on 24th November 2015

Small shout out to Parm Gill champion in Solihull store, top geezer.

Written by hugo silva (Carphone Warehouse) on 22nd November 2015

950 xl is the best phone to grace the planet

Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 20th November 2015

Congratulations to Beth Rapson who won Trainer of the Year at #ISellMobileAwards2015 yesterday!! :D

Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 18th November 2015

The final zone of the Windows 10 competition is open! :D Make sure you enter for your chance to win...

Written by Rick Fordyce (O2) on 17th November 2015

I've enjoyed the Windows 10 Zones!! Been fun and learnt I just need a 950 XL to learn it better with & a Band 2 too

Written by Simon Middleton (Carphone Warehouse) on 16th November 2015

morning early birds!