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Microsoft Blog-Off

Entertain colleagues by uploading interesting pictures, videos and words about phones, selling and whatnot. We have discretion over which blog posts will be published and awarded a whopping 10,000 points! Points will be awarded upon approval, so here’s a heads up on what we are looking for:

- Your blog post must be informative/entertaining without promotion, plugging, plagiarism or swearing.
- Please check the detail in your post is factually correct (e.g. the Lumia 1020 has a 5MP camera….WRONG!)
- Each post must be a minimum of 200 words.
- Please do not submit more than 2 BLOG POSTS EACH DAY.

If you stick to the rules and use images, video and captivating content you’ll find we’re a generous bunch. So get blogging!

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My First Day with the Lumia 1320

Written by Dan Elvy (Carphone Warehouse) on 4th September 2014

Luckily! I recently won the Nokia 1320 from Nokia Connection and believe my first blog would be perfect for writing my thoughts and experiences of this handset. The 1320 sits quite comfortably in one hand for two handed use. With its rounded edges, the buttons are within easy reach and the double t…

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Tags: Hardware

Golden Oldies

Written by Simon Shenton (carphone warehouse) on 3rd September 2014

A huge amount of OAPs are beginning to feel lost in this digital world, challenged to keep up with the modern family. They often have no idea what a “tweet” is or why anyone would have a “facebook”. The ease of integration and customisation features of windows 8.1 makes an ideal option for the elder…

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Tags: Hardware

Windows over Android and iPhone thanks to the Lumia 930!

Written by Francesca Ricci (Phones 4U) on 28th August 2014

Having been using an iPhone for 7 months followed by 3 months of using the Samsung Galaxy S5 I found myself bored with both android and apple. The lack of change between upgrades for both handsets makes it very difficult to feel like getting a new phone is worth the money and hassle! So when the nok…

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Tags:Camera, Hardware, Usability, Customer reactions

TV Catchup by GZero

Written by Jason Johnston (selected) on 27th August 2014

TV Catchup by GZero is a free app within the Windows Phone Store, has nearly 1400 reviews and a 3.5 star rating. TV Catchup, allows you to watch over 50 UK channels and a interactive programme guide. You can watch TV over a internet connection within the UK, which you can use when away and cant li…

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Tags:Apps, Hardware, Usability

Using Mobile Sharing Whilst Away.

Written by Jason Johnston (selected) on 27th August 2014

Whilst I’ve been away in London, then Whitby and Edinburgh in a few days, the one thing I have used is mobile sharing. When you go into settings on your phone, then choose mobile sharing, you can turn your Nokia Lumia phone into a wireless modem which allows you to be able to access the internet on…

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Tags:Apps, Social, Hardware, Usability

My experience with the 930

Written by Martin Walker (Carphone Warehouse) on 25th August 2014

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners in the “find the Lumia 930” competition here on Nokia connection and first of all I must say a huge thank you to Nokia connection for choosing me as a winner. I’ve had the 930 for a few days now and it already feels like one of th…

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Tags:Apps, Camera, Design, Hardware

Using the Nokia Lumia 930

Written by Jason Johnston (selected) on 24th August 2014

I’ve been using the Nokia Lumia 930 phone for nearly a week now, and love it. This is the 4th Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 phone I’ve used in the past 18 months, and is by far my favourite. The first phone I upgraded on EE using 4G was the Nokia Lumia 920 which was my second favourite, which also had…

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Tags:Apps, Design, Hardware, Usability

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Written by Lee Best (Three) on 5th May 2015

Looking forward to finding out who's won the Microsoft goodies!

Written by Tony Featherstone (O2) on 4th May 2015

Happy Star Wars Day everyone.

Written by Rob Lawton (Carphone Warehouse) on 4th May 2015

May the 4th be with you!

Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 30th April 2015

There's only one more day left until the Achieve More competition ends...who will be the winner of the mega Microsoft Ecosystem Bundle?!

Written by Edward Antony (Three) on 29th April 2015

Lumia is coming up with something different, user friendly and more options, we need to make something more different.

Written by Rick Fordyce (O2) on 27th April 2015

Does the winner of the Microsoft band get to choose the size they get?? Ps if there is a spare Large Microsoft band I'll look after it for u

Written by Wilson Cheng (Sainsbury's) on 25th April 2015

Can I be Gold please :)

Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 24th April 2015

Happy Friday guys! :D Who's going to be a winner on the Connection today?!

Written by Tony Featherstone (O2) on 23rd April 2015

@sean im still hoping for an eventual successor to the 1020, that was the last Windows phone I owned and I loved it,

Written by Dan Morgan (EE) on 23rd April 2015

While clearing the loft out I found my very first mobile phone from 1998/9 Nokia 6150, powered it on, and ended up playing snake for an hour