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Microsoft Blog-Off

Entertain colleagues by uploading interesting pictures, videos and words about phones, selling and whatnot. We have discretion over which blog posts will be published and awarded a whopping 10,000 points! Points will be awarded upon approval, so here’s a heads up on what we are looking for:

- Your blog post must be informative/entertaining without promotion, plugging, plagiarism or swearing.
- Please check the detail in your post is factually correct (e.g. the Lumia 1020 has a 5MP camera….WRONG!)
- Each post must be a minimum of 200 words.
- Please do not submit more than 2 BLOG POSTS EACH DAY.

If you stick to the rules and use images, video and captivating content you’ll find we’re a generous bunch. So get blogging!

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First few weeks with a Lumia 830

Written by Rich Gibbons (Bechtle) on 30th March 2015

I’ve had Windows Phones for years - had an Omnia 7 back in the day and then picked up a Lumia 920 back in 2012. It was an excellent phone and served me well but after 2+ years of HEAVY use it was starting to show it’s age a little :-( I’ve recently upgraded to a Lumia 830 and OMG - it’s SO good! Th…

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Tags:Design, Hardware, Usability

Getting Lumia Connected

Written by aaron morse (O2) on 30th March 2015

First post on here, so go easy on me! Since starting to work for o2 in April of last year, I’ve notice that the once Nokia range was never a massive competitor in the store. iPhone’s were always the top dog, with Samsung and Sony coming up close. But, over the past 4/5 months Lumia phones have real…

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Tags:Apps, Social, Camera, Design, Hardware, Usability, Customer reactions, In-store events, Sales pitches

930 - Business Phone of Choice

Written by ste mylchreest (Vodafone) on 30th March 2015

Well I have just received my Lumia 930 as my business phone. I’ve been an android lover for a long time. Secretly I was hoping to get a 930. Office support, full outlook integration and of course Cortana were the main reasons behind the wish. Having had it 4 days I can already see how it will impact…

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Tags:Apps, Design, Office, Hardware, Usability

Wow.... Just wow!

Written by Iain Jones Team Lumia (Microsoft) on 27th March 2015

So guys and gals…. I was just browsing through the Contribute section of Lumia-Connection and I am absolutely overwhelmed by what I have seen. You lot are truly amazing, the Blogs, the knowledge and the Interaction demonstrated proves that the Lumia-Connection is not just somewhere you can log in an…

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Tags:Apps, Social, Camera, Design, Office, Hardware, Usability, Customer reactions, In-store events, Sales pitches

Windows on Android devices

Written by chris kirkham (Carphone warehouse) on 24th March 2015

A piece of software has been developed that has the power to override Android OS and replace it with Windows! They’re currently testing Windows 10 on a Xiaomi Mi 4, which runs Android OS. At the moment it is being tested in China, where people are more open to software development, but will be comin…

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Tags:Hardware, Usability, Customer reactions

Welcome to Windows Phone!

Written by Richard Conway (Carphone Warehouse) on 20th March 2015

There’s still a lot of people out there that really don’t know where to start with a smartphone - this is one good reason why I recommend a Microsoft handset. Suitable for all ages, the Lumia range are fantastic devices that suit everybody. Kids first time phones are ideal: The phone itself is mad…

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Tags:Design, Hardware, Usability, Sales pitches

The Band is coming!

Written by Sam Lees (O2) on 19th March 2015

So Microsoft have announced the launch of their first wearable, the Microsoft Band, here in Blighty. They may have taken a while to get onboard the wearable tech bandwagon, but boy did they get it right! With sensors to track every aspect of your active and social life, it is the perfect extensio…

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Tags: Hardware

Shout outs

Written by Dougy Nelson (EE) on 10th February 2016

Who won the £50 Love to shop voucher from last weeks competitions?

Written by Rob Lawton (Carphone Warehouse) on 9th February 2016

I'm gonna have to spend my million points now I see that everyone is using their hundreds of thousands...! :D

Written by Andrew Petley-Jones (EE) on 7th February 2016

420000 points spent on prizes :)

Written by Rick Fordyce (O2) on 5th February 2016

Amazing new prizes to be won!! 300000 points now gone. Thanks Connection!!

Written by The Connection (Microsoft) on 5th February 2016

Today is Friday, which can only mean one thing...new competitions! Check out our brand new prizes up for grabs and see what you can win!!!

Written by Tom sokulski (O2) on 4th February 2016

just had a play with the lumia 950 with a keyborad and a mouse and its so much fun

Written by Ankur Desai (Three) on 3rd February 2016


Written by John Mccullough (Carphone Warehouse) on 3rd February 2016


Written by Cat Shaw (EE) on 29th January 2016

Guys only have until 31st Jan to keep full free 15GB on One Drive before reduction kicks in. https://preview.onedrive.com/bonus/

Written by Dan Morgan (EE) on 28th January 2016

I would like to recommend the replacement back covers from MOZO for the lumia 950. They come leather and support wireless charging and NFC