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Here are The Connection’s latest winners. Clap clap, pat on back, aren’t we all delighted for them? Not really. Winning is much better - score points to enter competitions.

20 March

Microsoft Ecosystem Bundle

Martin Walker (Carphone Warehouse - Sheffield)

Lumia 635 - ORANGE

Paul Wilburn (O2 - Rotheram)

MD-310 Wireless Music Receiver

Chris Bull (Vodafone - Fife)

DT-901 Fatboy Charger Pillow - YELLOW

Sami Crockford (O2 - Waterlooville)

DT-900 Wireless Charger Plate - RED

Megann Branland (Carphone Warehouse - Loughborough)


Lionel Ourmiah (O2 - Surrey)

13 March

DT-901 Fatboy Charger Pillow - RED

Natalie Marsh (Three - Andover)

DT-900 Wireless Charger Plate - BLACK

Jay Williams (EE - Halesowen)

MD-310 Wireless Music Receiver

Justin Booth (Carphone Warehouse - Chesterfield)

Lumia 735 - Green

Lynsey Hamblin (EE - Merthyr Tydfil)

Love2Shop Vouchers - £50

Graeme Slater (O2 - Gateshead)

USB Charger - WHITE

Holly Gorman (Carphone Warehouse - Belfast)

Lumia 930 - Green

Melissa Henderson (Vodafone - Dundee)

Fitbit Flex - BLACK

Joe Storer (O2 - Stamford)

06 March

Amazon Voucher - £20

Domante Butkute (Carphone Warehouse - Peterborough)

MD-310 Wireless Music Receiver

Scott Bailey (Three - Andover)

USB Charger - Fuschia

Vicky Smith (O2 - Wolverhampton)

DT-901 Fatboy Charger Pillow - CYAN

Brian Jackson (Carphone Warehouse - Northallerton)

DT-900 Wireless Charger Plate - WHITE

Lewis Mccance (O2 - Rugby)

John Lewis Vouchers - £50

Andrea Mckitterick (O2 - Tyne and Wear)

Lumia 930 - Orange

Andy Jones (EE - Manchester)

27 February

Fitbit Flex

Bethan Young (EE - Gateshead)

DT-901 Fatboy Charger Pillow - RED

Samiye Hassan (Three- Croydon)

DT-900 Wireless Charger Plate - CYAN

Chris Muscroft (O2 - Glasgow)

MD-310 Wireless Music Receiver

Matt Lloyd (Vodafone - Norfolk)

Love2Shop Vouchers - £50

Rebecca Edmeades (Carphone Warehouse - Milton Keynes)

PD-95G Camera Grip for Lumia 1020 - BLACK

Keelan McRoberts (EE - Newtownards)

£20 Amazon voucher

Raei Bhatti (O2 - Milton Keynes)

USB Charger - white

Carol Irwin (Carphone Warehouse- Stockport)

Lumia 830 - WHITE

Richard Morgan (EE - Gloucestershire)

20 February

£10 Amazon voucher

Ashley Jennings (Carphone Warehouse - Chatham)

DT-900 Wireless Charger Plate - BLACK

Ellie Jade (Carphone Warehouse - Fareham)

USB Charger - Fuschia

Gill Wilson (Carphone Warehouse - Manchester)

Lumia 1020 - Yellow

Emily Morton (EE - Castleford)

MD-310 Wireless Music Receiver

David Banisadeghian (EE - Wood Green)

DT-901 Fatboy Charger Pillow - YELLOW

Luke Sullivan (Three - Kent)

Ski Holiday to Italy


Ben Westbrook (Vodafone - Peterborough)

13 February

Love2Shop Vouchers - £50

Matthew Cooke (Carphone Warehouse - Chester)

MD-310 Wireless Music Receiver

Sophie Morton (EE - North Tyneside)

BH-940 Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset By Monster - RED

Jamie Brown (O2 - Blackburn)

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