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Kreshell Gavriel from O2 just played Lumia 930 Run and won 2650 points!

  • Lumia 830 Video

    Check out this latest video showing a hands-on demo with the fabulous Nokia Lumia 830. It takes you through all of the top video and photo features of this great new phone.

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  • Lumia 630 Video

    See our latest video showing a bit of a hands-on with Windows Phone 8.1 on the Lumia 630, Lumia 630 Dual SIM and Lumia 635

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  • LumiaRun game

    Only an expert in NOKIA LUMIA 930 spec can take LumiaMan all the way to the finish line safely.

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  • Lumia 1020 Ad

    A kid's play is one of those times when you want to get the perfect shot. But most phones aren't capable of capturing quality photos at a distance. Even if it's just a few rows back. With the Windows

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  • Blog Off

    Find out what the Field Force team had to say when we let them loose on the NOKIA LUMIA 925 and more. Have your say.

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  • Winners

    Find out who are the rightly smug new owners of our fantastic prizes. Don't worry if you missed out this time, there's still plenty up for grabs.

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  • Lumia 4G

    Did you know that Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8 has more 4G smartphones in its range, than ever before.

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  • Myth Busters

    Can you tell apart the tall tales from the twisted truths?

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  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home for Windows Phone makes moving to Nokia Lumia super easy

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  • Nokia Pro Camera app for Lumia: Zoom and Reframing

    If you own the Lumia 1020 then you’ll be aware that Nokia Pro Camera is the default camera app.

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  • Photo tips from the Experts

    Alex from Rankin Film Productions explains digital ISO on your Lumia and shows you how to improve your photos in different lighting conditions.

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  • Drop test

    See how the Lumia 920 fared after being dropped repeatedly

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